May 2014 – Project H.O.P.E. is officially founded.

September  2014 and 2016 –  Project H.O.P.E. participates in

"East Bay Stand Down" (EBSD 2014, 2016) an organization

set up to assist over 300 homeless veterans in the Bay Area.  

The program is located at the Alameda County Fair Grounds in

Pleasanton. This event is set up to assist veterans  with medical

and dental care, clothing and meals, legal advice, equine therapy

and several other wonderful volunteer services. 

July 2015, 2016  - Project H.O.P.E. participates with an entry

in the Novato Fourth of July Parade.

Fall 2015 - Presidio Riding Club in the Marin Headlands, Sausalito,

collaborates with Project H.O.P.E.

May 2016 - Attends and participates in the Horse Expo hosted by

Novato Horsemen, Inc. The event was created to bring together

horse communities and organizations all over Marin, Sonoma and

Napa.  They want to support local equine businesses and promote

all types of horse activities in the Bay Area.

May 2016 - Congressman Mike Thompson grants us a meeting to 
bring awareness to Project H.O.P.E. He supports this type of equine 
therapy and introduced us at the Sonoma Spring Celebration BBQ

at White Oak Saddle Club in Kenwood, CA.

Summer 2016 - RJK Ranch in Kenwood collaborates with Project H.O.P.E.

July 2016 - Project H.O.P.E. participates in a clean up barn day at 
Morgan Horse Ranch with volunteers members of STACK UP.

October 2016 - Kunde Winery hosts a fundraiser for Project H.O.P.E.

November 2016 - Project H.O.P.E. participates in Veterans Day

Parade in Petaluma.

January 2017 - The 24th Annual Heart of Marin Awards luncheon

is held. Project H.O.P.E. was nominated by the Center for Volunteer

& Nonprofit Leadership in the Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence category.  

January 2017 - Skyline Equestrian Center in Oakland collaborates with Project H.O.P.E.

February 2017 - The 2nd Annual Hearts of Napa Awards nominates Project H.O.P.E. for Achievement in Non-Profit Excellence.

March 2017 - Attends 18th Annual EAGALA conference in Denver, CO. There was a special screening of a powerful new documentary, Thank you for your Service. Phil Straub from the Morgan Horse Ranch, who is featured in the documentary, spoke to the conference attendees after the screening.

July, 2017 - Point Reyes National Seashore signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Project H.O.P.E. for shared use of the park's Morgan Horse Ranch near park headquarters at Bear Valley. Through this agreement, Project H.O.P.E. will be authorized to stable horses and conduct therapeutic sessions for veterans at the Morgan Horse Ranch.

August, 2017 - Annual Wounded Veterans' Polo Benefit hosted by Commandery of St. Francis, Order of St. John at the Wine Country Polo Club in Oakmont, near Santa Rosa, CA.  Project H.O.P.E. has been designated as one of the beneficiaries of this event (see for more details).

"As a wife of a Vietnam veteran, we found  our communication improving . My husand started sharing his deep seeded thoughts after we participated in just one session."


  • Community

Thank you to the community for supporting our organization. You have allowed us to make a difference in the lives of our veterans and their families. For that we are most grateful.

Honoring our veteran personnel with equine assisted therapy 

Our History

Mission Statement

"Working with the horses of Project H.O.P.E. helped me  deal with my control and trust issues along with anger problems."

T.P. Mc
Viet Nam '68-'69
Desert Shield / Desert Storm '90-'91

Our purpose is to provide a unique therapeutic environment including Equine Assisted Therapy for our veterans, their families and groups of veterans. We provide a place where they can learn and grow socially and emotionally to develop valuable life skills in a natural setting with professional support.


"How being away from the city sounds with majestic creatures who commune and have made me calmer and more appreciative being alive."


San Francisco Veteran

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